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Why Organic ?


The term organic, so in fashion today, is simply the way food used to be produced in the past. I still remember as a child seeing the milkman with his truck coming to our street directly from his farm. The whole neighbourhood would buy milk from him, which was poured into big pots. My mother used to boil the milk, as a way of pasteurising it. We used to make delicious whipped cream with the cream that went to the top … I can tell you stories like this with all types of food. We used to be healthy and happy children (and adults) but then, mass production arrived and tomatoes never tasted the same, as well as most fruit and vegetables. Without forgetting the amount of pesticides that were (and still are) sprayed on all produce. I strongly believe that many of the illnesses, allergies and even behaviour issues so common today are related to the food that we have been eating. I have tested and have proved on my family and other people that I know that this is true.

I could tell you about this in large extent, but I don’t want you to get bored and that you stop reading my upcoming posts. On the contrary, I want to share with you my passion for organic, healthy and rustic food. Hopefully I can make a difference in your life so that you will enjoy for many years to come, and even better that you share it with other people.

When my husband was diagnosed with high blood pressure and cholesterol of a 65 years old at 32 years of age, we new that we had to fix it in a natural way and avoid for him to be on medication for the rest of his life. Can you imagine? We wanted to be parents and we needed to ensure he would be healthy and happy to raise healthy and happy children too! After much research we found a weight loss program that matched the food groups with the blood type of the individual. Expensive and uncomfortable at first, it became our way of living and eating. We were advised that if we didn’t eat organic food we should take vitamin supplements. Well, you can imagine what we did from then on. After 6 months on the program, my husband returned to his doctor for a check up. His blood pressure and cholesterol levels were then those of an 18 years old male! It was clear to us that food is medicine, as well as exercise and a healthy and happy lifestyle. But I will leave this topic for another time.

We have been eating 100% organic food (when possible) since then. When our daughter was born, we decided that on top of organic food, she would be raised eating traditional and rustic food. The way I saw my sisters feed their children. Our daughter is a very healthy girl; she hardly gets sick. We used to be complemented in the street for her glowing skin.

I know many of you think that organic food is expensive, but I will prove to you that it is not. Your medical bills will always be more expensive… There are plenty of programs out there that offer organic food directly from the growers, which is considerably cheaper than in the shops / stores. Also, your local farmers market is a great place to start. You will also meet the people who grow the food that you will eat, and that is as important as eating organic. Imagine the love and care that these people put in their produce. Many of them may not be certified organic, but they still use organic practices and that is good enough. Anyway, certified organic food is another topic that I can write lots about …

So, here I am to share my love, passion and belief that eating organic and healthy food is the best way you can care for your loved ones and yourself (never forget to care for you).

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