A different Mother’s Day


A different Mother’s Day


This year mother’s day will be (and has been) different for most of us mums. However, the essence of it stays, spend the day with our children, even if it’s only at home.

When my family asked me what I wanted to do for mother’s day this year, I joked by saying: “I just want to be home!” Yes! I know what you’re thinking, not very funny; but in the times that we’re living, I think we all need a bit of bad mum’s jokes (ha ha!).

I’ve always thought that mother’s day has been overrated. The one day of the year when mums are spoiled (those who can) and are able to take (in most cases) time for themselves. For some of us, we may get up the next day and find that the kitchen from the previous night dinner is waiting to be cleaned …

Since I’m the organiser in my family, mother’s day has always been tricky for me. (I’m sure many of you can relate, right?). I’ve always had an input where and what I wanted to eat, what time I wanted to have for myself and have always provided a list of presents (just to make sure I got what I really wanted ☺) Please don’t think I’m a control f… Well, I may be just a tiny bit …?

This year I’m taking mother’s day the easiest way I can. The only thing that I’ve requested is not to cook! Can I do that? For sure I can! We all need a break from our work every now and then.

Being in shelter for 8+ weeks, all I want is to eat outdoor (the weather is gorgeous in Northern California) and have a gift that I can look forward to using when all this pandemic situation is sorted.

For some reason, I woke up yesterday with this blog post in my mind. I know it’s not my usual, but giving the circumstances I feel like sharing with you how I feel and what I’m experiencing this year. I imagine it’s very similar for many of you, mums?

Here is what’s on the cards for me this coming Sunday:

1. No breakfast in bed, please! Yes! I do not enjoy eating in bed. As a practical person, I find it messy and very uncomfortable. I also think it brings memories when I used to be sick as a child (yuck!) But I expect a card written by my daughter and a gift certificate from a spa to enjoy in the near future (One can only hope).
2. Outdoor cooked brunch, including some hot food (surprise!), traditional English scones with the lot (my special request), bottomless mimosas (this is a must!), and coffee at the end. As I said to my hubby, after the 3rd mimosa it won’t matter what I’m eating ☺!
3. No clean up for me, sorry! I will then sit down (hopefully with my daughter. I’m prepared to negotiate; it’s mother’s day after all and she’s supposed to spend time with me) and watch Michelle Obama’s Netflix documentary. After reading her book I’m very excited to watch it.
4. I may nap a bit, depending on how hot it is.
5. Board game with the whole family.
6. For dinner I have requested a rotisserie chicken. As my husband is in charge, I’ve thought better to give him the pleasure to use his beloved BBQ. No that he can’t cook! But this way we can both enjoy a drink (or 2…) in our backyard while the chook is roasting. What he’s going to organise as side dishes ?? Don’t know, don’t …

All in all, I’m looking forward to an easy and relaxing day that the three of us can enjoy together. Hopefully our cat will join us as some point.

And you, what have you planned for mother’s day?

Whatever it is, have a wonderful day! Let’s hope for a different kind of day next year.

Stay home, be safe, drink responsibly (who cares, you don’t have to drive!) and eat well and be happy!

Photo by @nishphotography 2014

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