A Website Made With Love

A Website Made with Love

As I promised when my website was launched last year, here is the post where I tell you the story behind its creation.

I’m all about community and I always reach out to people around me when looking for collaborations and people to work with.

I had an idea how I wanted my website to look, but I couldn’t find anyone who could share my vision.

During a trip to Spain, my home country, two years ago, I spoke with my sister Rosa about how I wasn’t finding anyone that could work with me to create my website. To my surprise, she mentioned that my niece Rosa, her daughter, could do it!

My niece is like a daughter for me, I knew she would understand how I wanted my website to look like. We had been away from each other for many years but have never lost our strong connection. In addition, she was expecting her first baby!

From our initial meeting, Rosa and I spoke the same ‘language’. I must admit I can be a bit difficult to pleased, but she captured the essence of my business and, most importantly, my vision. We then started weekly meetings. I was full of joy; working with my dear niece and sharing her pregnancy at the same time! Having her back in my life on a regular basis has been a blessing!

Rosa took over the whole design of the website, working together with her cousin Javier, who worked on the technical part. They both worked very hard (I did too, but with lots of happiness & love!); they’re a great team! Javier and Rosa are very close and I have connected with Javier very well. We can say that my website is a family affair.

Besides being created with love, my website is also very international, not only for my background, dual citizenship and many travels, but also because while it was being created I was in Northern California, my niece in Spain and Javier in the UK.

I can’t help getting emotional when I look at my website. I think it’s beautiful! Rosa is so talented and I’m so lucky that she’s working closely with me in my debut cookbook, which we both thought it should be an extension of the website.

Shortly after the website was launched, baby Javier Jr. was born! You can imagine how special that little boy is for me! For all of us, cousin Javier is his Godfather.

Now you know how much love there’s around me. Love that I reflect in my food, my recipes and all the content that I create for you ♥.

As German Martitegui (Masterchef Argentina) said: “Food is love. The love that a mother puts when she cooks for her children. The love that grandmothers put into food for their grandchildren. The love we put forth when we cook for our friends and loved ones”.

Until my next post,

Eat well and be happy!


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