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Carmen’s Story

I was born in Cordoba, Spain. I am the youngest of six siblings. My memory of family and food comes from my early years. I remember when the milkman came to our street, the small green grocer in the corner, where all seasonal fruits and vegetables looked and tasted beautiful, our local butcher and the small fish shop. I loved going grocery shopping with my mum. Food was simple but very important. I have always being interested in food and started cooking from early age, although I wasn’t very successful at the start.


In my early adulthood, I decided to follow my dream to learn to speak English and further my University studies. I then embarked in my first USA adventure.


Two years later, I ended up going to Australia, where I graduated as an MBA and met my husband. Yes, LOVE… isn’t it what moves the world? We met in a blind date believing that we were from the same town. And we are, but from different countries in different continents.


My husband was born in Cordoba, Argentina. Some will call it coincidence; I strongly believe it was destiny. We married in Melbourne, Australia on my parent’s 50th Wedding anniversary day. Our happiness was completed when our daughter Gabriela was born.


As I mentioned earlier, my interest in food started in my childhood; but it was after I married that I started being more involved and started experimenting more.

I successfully helped my husband on his journey to be fitter and healthier through dieting. Also, when my daughter started eating solids, I turned to my roots and cooked all her meals from scratch as I had seen my sisters do with their children.


After a health fright, I was advised to take on a hobby that complimented by logical accounting work and mind. I tried many things: knitting (I love it, but wasn’t enough at the time), dancing (I always wanted to be a dancer), but nothing seemed to work. It was a dear friend who pointed out that I should start cooking more as I was very good at it and very passionate about my food. Bless him!


Thus, Carmen’s Organic Kitchen was created. I sold my own organic range in markets. I volunteered as head cook at my daughter’s school canteen. I also volunteered at our local primary school with their kitchen program. These were really happy times. It was clear that the kitchen is my happy place.


When my new USA adventure took me to California, I was determined to pursue my cooking and food career. I started teaching cooking, mainly to children, which I love. However, being a world citizen, I need to be able to take my work wherever I may go next. Then is when this website was created, so that I can share my success in the kitchen , following a simple, balanced and healthy diet. I believe you are what you eat. If you eat well, you will be well and happy.