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This week I have come across a post in FaceBook about a company in NY that is starting a new venture with the aim to reduce plastic use and general waste. This has inspired me to share with you what I do to be as sustainable as I can.

Recycling was my first step.  Apart from separating all waste, I now make sure that all food scraps and green waste are properly disposed. If your neighbourhood does not have a compost or green waste program, check for community groups in your area that collect it. I used to give my fruit and vegetables scraps to friends who had chickens and / or rabbits. Yes I admit that having food scraps in a container in your fridge is not very convenient, but if you see your friends regularly, you can take it to them. This can even be a great excuse to see them more often!

When it comes to plastic, I try to avoid it by all means. I have a permanent set of shopping bags in my car. I only buy loose fruit and vegetables. If I need to put any in a bag (for instance, green beans and similar), I always ask for a paper bag. Even when I go to the farmers market I refuse plastic bags or anything that comes in a plastic container. It is true that in some instances this is not possible. We eat tons of blueberries in my house, and these always come on a plastic container … what to do. In this case, I recycle the container or even try to reuse it, if I can. I also buy them in bigger quantities.

In general, I stay away from packaging. I find the easiest way to do this by buying in bulk. This is not only a cheaper way to get better quality organic ingredientes at a cheaper price, but it is also very convenient if you take your own containers. Most of the businesses where you can buy bulk food offer this service. If not, please use paper bags, they work well if you don’t by heavy quantities.

I try to eat seasonal and local produce. It is important to know where your food comes from. I prefer to buy non organic if the organic product comes from a place far away. I feel the footprint also have an impact in our environment.

When I buy meat, fish and cold meats I always ask for them to be wrapped in butcher paper. Sometimes the policy of the business does not allow for it, but in most cases if I raise my concerns and awareness they understand. After buying in the same places for a while, they already know my preferences. I wonder if they refer to me as the “crazy greenie lady” or who knows 🙂 but I feel good doing my part taking care of our planet and my loved ones.

I understand that this all may sound too difficult to achieve in our crazy to get everywhere in a hurry lives; but if you make it a habit, I promise you it will be second nature before you even realise it. I know what I’m talking about. I’m a busy working mother and wife. I started one step at a time many years ago and now I even drive and EV (Electric Vehicle).

Interested in knowing more? I can’t wait to share my experience with you!

Leave your comments / questions and remember to …

Eat well and be happy!


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